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Resilience, proactivity and reactivity with the addition of problem solving and excellent adaptability combined with strong analytical skills. In spare time, Co-Founder and Jewelry Designer at Bracket Studio.
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Social Media Manager & sucker for Fish Pasta

A cup of good coffee and I’m ready to save the world

Comunicate the brand’s core business with the its particularities and its strength is my mission. Building a solid online presence it’s my daily pledge. Elaborate a marketing strategies for create a digital, and not only one, buzz. Help the clients, B2B or B2C, to achieve their goals using the most innovative digital tools.

Cake slices of my career
Event & Comunication Manager
La Palude Design Market
Social Media & Digital Marketer DRTADV web agency
Co-Founder & Jewelry Designer Bracket Studio
Account / Customer Care Prismi Spa partner Google
Event Manager La Piramide

Product Designer & "lyricist" at Bracket Studio

Use images to talk. Tell them in words to feel them

Two worlds with only one way of acting. The brand awareness and a necklace origin have many points in common. I start from an idea, spending a lot of time in research, planning campaign strategy, implementing various techniques.

Bracket is a brand with a strong sense of aesthetics and sensory. In fact, communication way is purely visual, but it need words to make it accessible. To make all possible I took care of editorial plans, seeing the opportunities offered by the market and using the most innovative tools for get stronger online brand presence. Write micro copy and contents are my daily meal to give added value to visual images. Reaching the goals it's easier when you speak your target idiom.

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Wearing is as important as creating

Create scenarios to identify the product

In order to fully exploit the creations Bracket I realize photo shooting to show all the possibilities of use and create familiarity with the object. The photos represent small, experiential and love stories in which each of our clients can identify with each other and find the Bracket necklace closest to their personality.