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Hey Webber! I'm Pezz, aka Cristiano Pezzati, a multidisciplinary designer and Co-Founder and Product Designer at Bracket Studio. I love visual stuff, colors and shapes, especcially basics shapes

Magazines, Layouts and Fanzines. I'm printed paper obsessed

Just for fun, I've made magazine concepts and infographics

Paper design is digital design today. They are closely related: typography, images and information flow systems. I love "visual journalism", rich and colorful infographics to explain complex datas. New storytelling ways where Illustrations and news stories are merged in a new language kinds.

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Behance project

Wireframes, User Journey and UI libraries. I'm digital products addicted

Working on several web technologies, I learned the game rules

Crowdme, a B2C gamification system platform, having space look and feel, and two kinds of users, Creators and Brands. Collaborating with a team of five people, I structured flows, the tone of voice, strategies for leads generation and obviously all the interfaces, with a "mobile first" approach.

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Behance project

Dribbble Gamer, I'm always in search new visual solutions

Textures, patterns, lines, basics shapes and colors

I love to design all this stuff: it's the best way to find new possibilities, techniques and visual solutions in very short time. Dribbble, according to me, is the perfect place where to play.

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